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Whatever your unique situation is, we're sure that we can help your business achieve its goals. See below how NMIS has helped similar companies from Scotland and around the world make more money, access new markets and become the industry leaders in their field.

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Digital Factory

Malin Group

3D printing technology delivers sustainability at sea

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Sheffield Forgemasters

Simulation speeds Sheffield Forgemasters on its digital journey

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Digital Factory

Whittaker Engineering

Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) reduces manufacturing time for oil and gas parts from months to days

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Digital Factory

Confidence Plus

NMIS Digital Factory teams help innovative medical product get closer to market

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Digital Factory

Nami Surgical

NMIS boosts development of a promising new technology for robotic surgery

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Digital Factory

Quartztec Europe

Scottish manufacturer explores automation to increase capacity

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Digital Factory


Electric moped seller explores green shoring and plans to grow its team in Scotland

Read more about Electro-peds case study


Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS)

Scottish circular fashion hub reduces emissions by 90% and nets £10m green investment

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Brengor Innovation

A team from the AFRC collaborated with Darren Haley, former prison officer and owner of Brengor Innovation, who has developed a recyclable razor designed to reduce incidents of self-harm.

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ACT Blade

The new wind turbine blade set to make green energy even greener

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Digital Factory


As part of a £1.2 million project part-funded by Innovate UK, NMIS collaborated with six other project partners to identify a solution to remanufacture dies using additive manufacturing and machining.

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Digital Factory


A team from NMIS Digital Factory collaborated with luxury eco-fashion brand ROCIO, to create a new version of its signature handbag design using 3D printing.

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WEIR Group

Mining company digs into alternative manufacturing routes to validate its existing approach

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Digital Factory


3D demonstrator component showcases tooling performance and attracts new customers

Read more about MAPAL case study



New aluminium design heats up business for Glasgow company

Read more about Soltropy case study

Digital Factory


3D printed sensor enclosure opens doors to new markets and cost savings

Read more about FluidMS case study

Digital Factory


Filling in the cracks for building surveyors with innovative AR and AI technology

Read more about Edify case study


European Space Agency (ESA)

Spacecraft R&D project with TWI, Airbus and NMIS lifts off

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Digital Factory


NMIS helps Forfar start-up identify low cost way to make its innovative skiing product

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Digital Factory


AR technology brings the operating theatre to surgeons in remote areas of Africa.

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Digital Factory


Reusable sanitary products can reduce emissions by 90%

Read more about Floco case study


Carruthers Renewables

Reinventing the wheel to provide hydropower solution for the developing world

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Digital Factory, NMIS


New tool accelerates product development process

Read more about Astrimar case study


Breathe Easy

NMIS helps bring lip-reading face mask closer to medical certification

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Digital Factory, NMIS

Kigtek, Siemens and Diageo

Digital twin combined with innovative whisky cask filling solution set to save millions

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MacTaggart Scott

NMIS engineers and researchers provided close examination and testing of the customer’s materials and processes

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Digital Factory

Malin Fabrication

Review of part verification techniques helps local manufacturer meet production goals and secure jobs

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The team at the AFRC explored combining flow forming and centrifugal casting using one of it’s onsite flow formers.

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Digital Factory, NMIS

Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland

NMIS supported the project by creating an accurate 3D model of the centre to showcase to partners

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NMIS Graduate training - PowerHouse project

Engineer hails graduate scheme as life-changing opportunity

Read more about NMIS Graduate training - PowerHouse project case study


NMIS Graduate training - Renewable Parts

Scots graduate secures 'dream job' with help of graduate scheme

Read more about NMIS Graduate training - Renewable Parts case study


PAB Coventry

Key luxury car components can be reduced in weight by 24% through new hydroforming technology

Read more about PAB Coventry case study


RAM Engineering & Tooling

NMIS de-risks new additive technologies for Scottish engineering firm

Read more about RAM Engineering & Tooling case study



The digital team at the AFRC used novel laser scanning and photogrammetric techniques to create a high-quality 3D visualisation of the facility, incorporating the Rolls-Royce’s bestselling engine

Read more about Rolls-Royce case study



An extensive data mining activity on many years of historic Rolls-Royce manufacturing data for fan blades was managed by AFRC engineers.

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Safran Landing Systems

Researchers and engineers from the AFRC’s forging and incremental technologies team carried out a series of trials on the component using the WF STR600 flow former machine.

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Digital Factory, NMIS

Scotland's Bravest Manufacturing Company

Ergonomic 3D printed sign-cutting tool drives productivity and inclusivity for social enterprise

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Sheet forming

Realising magnesium sheet forming potential using a novel hydroforming process variant

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Support for technology start-up helps it secure funding, access new markets and increase headcount

Read more about SICCAR case study


Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing

Repurposing face masks could prevent 20,000 tonnes of landfill waste each year

Read more about Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing case study


Split Forming

Split forming puts AFRC in pole position to reduce automotive emissions

Read more about Split Forming case study



AFRC supports development of innovative oil well decommissioning tool

Read more about Sudelac case study


TGM Lightweight Solutions

Collaborative lightweight car battery concept drives down weight, emissions and production costs.

Read more about TGM Lightweight Solutions case study


Tinsley Bridge Group

A review of forging processes paves the way for automation and a productivity boost.

Read more about Tinsley Bridge Group case study


Turtle Pack

Support for swimming aid entrepreneur navigating the choppy waters of early product development

Read more about Turtle Pack case study


MacDeck Lansdcaping

Using composite material in a tryly innovative type of construction. Key to the project was understanding how the decking structure would perform under certain stress.

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Spirit Aerosystems

The results of this project are potentially transformative for manufacturing inspection.

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WH Tildesley

The aim of the KTP project was to embed advanced forging, materials engineering and simulation expertise within the company, allowing it to exploit high-value opportunities within a number of premium and previously unexplored markets.

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William Tracy

Investigating different methods of heat treating ash waste material with the aim of removing contaminants to produce a high quality concrete pellet.

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Digital Factory


The Kibosh Rapid Repair Clamp could increase asset integrity and provide easier and faster pipe maintenance.

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