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Swapping traditional materials and processes for lighter weight alternatives is helping industry to enhance efficiency and save emissions.

Longer, lighter wind turbine blades can generate greater power and lighter vehicles can use less fuel but manufacturing products and using materials that are both robust and yet lightweight can be challenging.

Learn more about how we are exploring opportunities for lightweighting across industries such as aerospace, automotive and renewables within wider NMIS and our Lightweight Manufacturing Centre.

Featured case studies


Sheet forming

Realising magnesium sheet forming potential using a novel hydroforming process variant

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TGM Lightweight Solutions

Collaborative lightweight car battery concept drives down weight, emissions and production costs.

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ACT Blade

The new wind turbine blade set to make green energy even greener

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An extensive data mining activity on many years of historic Rolls-Royce manufacturing data for fan blades was managed by AFRC engineers.

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PAB Coventry

Key luxury car components can be reduced in weight by 24% through new hydroforming technology

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