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PRODIGY: PROductivity and Digital Innovation for Growing Your business

Delivering a series of hands-on upskilling workshops designed to give local manufacturing SMEs an enhanced understanding of how cobotics & 3D printing can deliver efficiency and innovation enhancements.

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The PROductivity and Digital Innovation for Growing Your business (PRODIGY) programme offers hands-on workshops to help local manufacturing SMEs understand how cobotics and 3D printing can improve efficiency and drive innovation.

Workshops are tailored to different skill levels, allowing participants to join at the right stage for them, from initial awareness to full deployment, with ongoing support.

All sessions are held at the NMIS Netherton facility near Glasgow Airport. In the final phase, selected companies will trial the equipment at their own sites. The programme runs in waves from April 2024 to January 2025.

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PRODIGY Workshops

As a part of the PRODIGY programme, the Manufacturing Skills Academy at NMIS are providing a series of free hands-on upskilling workshops. These sessions are tailored to equip local manufacturing SMEs with a comprehensive understanding of how cobotics and 3D printing can elevate their efficiency and innovation. By harnessing advancements in manufacturing technology and enhancing their workforce's skills, these workshops aim to empower SMEs to thrive in today's dynamic market landscape.​​