National Manufacturing Institute Scotland

Upskilling Workshops in Cobotics & 3D Printing​

Are you Renfrewshire based manufacturing SME interested in upskilling your workforce in the latest advancing technology?​

As a part of the PRODIGY programme, the Manufacturing Skills Academy at NMIS are providing a series of free hands-on upskilling workshops. These sessions are tailored to equip local manufacturing SMEs with a comprehensive understanding of how cobotics and 3D printing can elevate their efficiency and innovation. By harnessing advancements in manufacturing technology and enhancing their workforce's skills, these workshops aim to empower SMEs to thrive in today's dynamic market landscape.​​


Why attend

The PRODIGY programme comes in 4 phases from awareness to deployment.​

For the “Awareness Phase” of the programme, NMIS will be offering a series of half day demonstration days providing manufacturing SME’s the unique opportunity to:​

  • Experience real-life demos of 3D printing and cobotics in manufacturing
  • Engage with industry experts for insights and solutions
  • Network with peers for idea exchange​

It will also give them the chance to:

  • Discover the basics of 3D printing and cobotics​
  • Explore how 3D printing and cobotics are revolutionising manufacturing​
  • Learn about the advantages of integrating 3D printing and cobotics in industries​

Register for one of the demonstration days and tap into the power of cobotics and 3D printing for your business success.

A progressive and supported upskilling programme to de-risk innovation


PRODIGY programme consists of four phases spanning from awareness to deployment. This structured approach accommodates SME’s at a digital readiness levels, enabling businesses to engage with the program at the most suitable stage. Whether at the initial awareness stage or deployment, participants receive tailored support throughout their journey.​ ​