National Manufacturing Institute Scotland

Working with us

Working with NMIS gives you access to world-class capabilities and expertise in Scotland. We work with companies to solve problems, improve products and tackle the engineering challenges of today and tomorrow. There are a number of routes available to companies that want to work with us as we recognise that a flexible approach is required when investing in research and development work.

Commercial projects

A commercial project is entirely your project, you’re in control of all outputs, including all intellectual property. It is a straight-forward business transaction. The centre develops and works on commercial projects with companies of all sizes helping them to grow and sustain their business.

Collaborative research and development projects

For many businesses investing in research and development work is seen as too much of a risk – you have great ideas but sometimes lack the necessary funds to bring them to life. We can help businesses in this situation identify and access a number of different funding sources, work with you to build a network of potential collaborators and ultimately turn your ideas into a commercial reality.

We help to de-risk your research and development work.


Membership is open to any company involved in the manufacturing and engineering supply chain. Becoming a member involves working collaboratively with other like-minded people and businesses and having access to a unique set of expertise and capabilities. Each membership agreement is bespoke. This ensures that you get what you need from working alongside us.

Funding for smaller businesses

Sourcing the necessary funds can be a daunting experience for smaller businesses. We can work with you to find and access different funding opportunities, facilitating the transformation of project ideas into reality. Providing guidance throughout the funding application process, we’ll help you find the most appropriate funding route, secure any necessary partners, and work with you to develop proposals. Some of the funding opportunities available to smaller businesses are:

  • Scottish Funding Council’s Innovation Voucher Scheme
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)
  • Route To Impact scheme through the Advanced Forming Research Centre
  • Innovate UK Smart Programme
  • Scottish Enterprise R&D Support