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Introduction to offshore wind energy

Course Summary

This self-directed online course will provide a good understanding of the offshore wind sector in the UK and the fundamentals behind how offshore wind turbines and wind farms operate. The learner will become familiar with the common terminology used by experts working in the industry. 

The course provides an opportunity for you to:

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of the renewables sector  
  • Gain an overview of wind turbine design and control  
  • Learn about the operation and maintenance of wind turbines by professionals in the field  
  • Learn some astounding facts about offshore wind energy supply  
  • Learn about the circular economy and strategies the renewables sector is undertaking in this area 
  • Receive a certificate of course completion from the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland  

This course is funded by the Scottish Government through its flagship programme, National Transition Training Funding (NTTF) to support people over 25 who currently live in Scotland and who have lost their jobs or who are at risk of redundancy as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). As a condition of this grant, we are required to gather certain data to carry out certain identity/eligibility checks for our learners.

The course consists of four separate sections: offshore wind familiarisation, introduction to wind turbine control, operations and maintenance, and the circular economy and decommissioning. 

The following course breakdown is an insight into what will be covered in each section of the course.  

Offshore Wind Familiarisation  

  • Offshore Energy Overview
  • History of Wind Power 
  • Offshore Wind 
  • Wind Energy and the Environment 

Introduction to Wind Turbine Design and Control 

  • Wind Turbine Design 
  • Wind Turbine Control 

Operations and Maintenance 

  • Operations and Maintenance Overview
  • Safety Culture 
  • Responsibility 
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Data Systems 
  • Robotics

Circular Economy and Decommissioning 

  • Circular Economy and Decommissioning Overview  
  • Circular Economy in Offshore Renewables 
  • Wind Turbine Decommissioning (UK)

Each section will include a ‘Knowledge Check’ which aims to test the learners' understanding of the learning outcomes and encourages greater knowledge retention. The course also includes a high volume of interactivity and activities to engage the user throughout the course.  

Offshore Energy  

  • The history of wind turbines 
  • The UK’s offshore wind sector 
  • Common terminology associated with wind power generation 
  • The importance of wind power sustainability  

Wind Turbine Design and Control  

  • Gain an understanding of the componentry of a wind turbine 
  • Learn the processes involved in controlling the operational power of a wind turbine  

Operations and Maintenance  

  • Gain an appreciation for the activities involved in successfully operating an offshore wind farm and related job opportunities   
  • Learn about the specific responsibilities of the various stakeholders involved in operating offshore wind turbines 
  • Understand the digital technologies which can enhance the management and maintenance of offshore wind turbines 

This course has been designed for those with limited prior knowledge of the offshore wind industry and contains both technical and non-technical information to help them gain a holistic appreciation of the renewables industry.

This course has been developed by our CPD team within the Manufacturing Skills Academy.

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Duration1-2 hours approximately
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