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Introduction to measurement and metrology

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Course Summary

NPL’s ‘Introduction to measurement and metrology’ e-learning course explores the concept of measurement and the scientific field dedicated to its application – metrology! The course will explore its value for industry, the economy, science, and society. It introduces practical guidance that will help trainees to improve measurement procedures within their day-to-day work and support successful everyday measurements.

NOTE: This is a self-directed course delivered online. Participants must first register their interest. Our team will be in contact to confirm acceptance of your place in the course.

This course is funded by the Scottish Government through its flagship programme, National Transition Training Funding (NTTF) to support people who currently live in Scotland and who have lost their jobs or who are at risk of redundancy as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). As a condition of this grant, we are required to gather certain data to carry out certain identity/eligibility checks for our learners.

The course consists of four modules:

  • Module 1 introduces measurement and metrology
  • Module 2 provides an introduction to measurement uncertainty, uncertainty evaluation, and the role of uncertainty in decision making
  • Module 3 explores the international system of units and global metrology infrastructure
  • Module 4 covers the concepts of calibration and traceability, including a discussion of calibration certificates and labels

By taking part in this course, participants will: 

  • Appreciate the importance of measurement and metrology – the science of measurement and its application
  • Understand the roles of scientific, industrial, and legal metrology
  • Understand key concepts relating to measurement, including uncertainty, error, accuracy, precision, repeatability, and reproducibility
  • Understand the concept of measurement uncertainty and its role in decision-making
  • Understand the role and importance of the International System of Units (the SI)
  • Be aware of the international metrology infrastructure that underpins the SI
  • Understand the concepts of calibration and traceability
  • Be familiar with calibration certificates and labels

This course is suitable for anybody looking to learn about measurement and metrology – the science of measurement and its application.

Metrology is the science of measurement. As the UK's National Metrology Institute (NMI), NPL's mission is to provide the measurement capability that underpins the UK's prosperity and quality of life. We are able to provide confidence in measurement results and data traceable to SI units.

Since 1900 we have developed and maintained the nation's primary measurement standards. These standards help provide confidence that the goods and services we buy live up to their claims, that the medicines we take are the right dosage, and the data we use for everything from climate change to financial trading is accurate.

As one of the world’s leading NMIs and a recognised centre of excellence, NPL is committed to sharing its expertise to build and enhance measurement skills and capabilities. Our training covers the importance of metrology, advancements in measurement science and the application of good measurement practices.

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