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Introduction to jigs and fixtures design

Course Summary

Take part in this self-directed, online course and discover why jigs and fixtures are beneficial to manufacturing processes. The course will offer best practice guidance on how to capture design requirements, considerations that should be made when selecting materials, standard components, and surface coatings. 
Participants will also get tips on how to create 3D CAD designs, find out about the geometric considerations that should be made depending on chosen manufacturing methods, and receive guidance on what information is required for creating detailed 2D CAD designs  
This course is funded by the Scottish Government through its flagship programme, National Transition Training Funding (NTTF) to support people who currently live in Scotland and who have lost their jobs or who are at risk of redundancy as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19).
As a condition of this grant, we are required to gather certain data to carry out certain identity/eligibility checks for our learners.
  • Welcome to the course 
  • What are jigs and fixtures and why should you use them
  • Design intent – requirements capture 
  • Jigs and fixtures materials - a look at material hardness and scales
  • Surface coatings 
  • Fastener guide 
  • Bolt steel grades and torque values 
  • Internal thread component 
  • Standard jigs and fixture components 
  • Receiving logging customer/supplier CAD Files and how to structure them
  • Six directions of movement 
  • Creating fixture design in CAD 
  • CAD standards and general tolerances including positional tolerance for holes and MMC for clearance holes 
  • Manufacturing methods 
  • Surface texture 

Participants taking part in this course will:

  • Gain an awareness of the benefits of using jigs and fixtures
  • Receive guidance for how to capture design requirements
  • Develop an understanding of how to design jigs and fixtures  

This course is for any professional or recent graduate that has an interest in jigs & fixtures and is enthusiastic about upskilling and learning the basics about jigs & fixture design. 

The course will also benefit design, development, and manufacturing engineers in industry and academia who would like to upskill and learn about steps required to design and manufacture a jig or fixture. 

Participants are assumed to have a basic understanding of Computer-Aided Design (CAD). 

This course has been created by Michael Canavan from the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland's Design Team.

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Dates & Venues

DateAvailable now
LocationSelf-directed online learning
DurationTwo to three hours approximately
Course tokenNTTFJIGDSGN22

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