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Introduction to Fibre Reinforced Polymer and Composite Machining

Course Summary


The course aims to cover the basics of composite materials and composite machining. This 23-hour course can be worked through at the learner’s own pace and will demonstrate the basics of composite materials particularly fibre reinforced polymers, composite manufacturing, and composite machining at an entry level. This course on composite machining requires no prerequisites to fully understand the course. 

This course is funded by the Scottish Government through its flagship programme, National Transition Training Funding (NTTF) to support people aged 25 and over who currently live in Scotland or people who have lost their jobs or are at risk of redundancy as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) As a condition of this grant, we are required to gather certain data to carry out certain identity/eligibility checks for our learners.

 The course is divided into four individual modules: 

  • Introduction to Composites 
  • Demonstrates the basics of composite materials, their industrial applications, and the advantages/disadvantages of composite materials  
  • Fibre Reinforced Polymers 
  • Learn about fibre reinforced polymers including their structure, fibres, polymers, materials used  
  • Composite Manufacturing 
  • Describes various manual and automated FRP manufacturing processes  
  • Composite Machining 
  • Learn about composite machining methods and the differences in machining FRP’s when compared to metal parts 
  • Understand composite machining challenges and common defects 
  • Highlight the key health and safety concerns when machining and handling composite materials
  • Understand the basics of composite materials and common industry applications  
  • Understand fibre reinforced polymers and their material structure 
  • Identify common composite machining defects and understand the causes 
  • Be aware of health and safety concerns when working with composite materials and how to mitigate these in operation 

This course will benefit people with limited or entry level knowledge of composites and machining and people moving to a new role/getting started with the topic looking for more understanding and information.

This course has been developed by the NMIS Machining Team and Manufacturing Skills Academy.

FOC under NTTF Funding

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LocationSelf-directed online learning
Duration2-3 hours
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