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Fusion CAD Essentials

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Course Summary

This three day training course will instruct students in the best usage and approaches for the parametric design philosophy through a hands-on, practice intense curriculum. 

The following topics will be covered in this course: 

  • Introduction to Fusion 360 
  • Creating the first sketch with quick shapes 
  • Creating sketched geometry 
  • Additional sketching tools 
  • Sketched secondary feature 
  • Construction features 
  • Pick & place features 
  • Equations & parameters 
  • Additional features & operations 
  • Design & display manipulation 
  • Single path sweep 
  • Loft features 
  • Feature duplication tools 
  • Assembly modelling
  • Component design tools
  • Multi-body design 
  • T-spline modelling 
  • Creating & detailing drawings 
  • 3D Printing output


During this course, participants will:  

  • Learn 3D design principles 
  • Utilise parametric modelling 
  • Incorporate Fusion Computer Aided Design (CAD) into manufacturing design processes 
  • 3D Models - drawings and annotations 

No previous CAD experience is necessary. However mechanical design, drafting or engineering experience is highly recommended. Be confident and comfortable using a computer.  

This course is being delivered by Cadspec. The expert team has over ten decades of combined experience working with clients across the whole of the UK industry – from manufacturing and architecture to engineering and construction.  

Cadspec take pride in providing both personalised design software solution and the training to unlock its full potential.

Booking fee: £650


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Dates & Venues

DateNew dates coming soon
LocationNMIS Netherton
Duration09:30- 17:00

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