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Course Summary

Strong data management practices are essential for success in digital transformation, which can bring about enormous business benefits including increased productivity and efficiency. 

In partnership with Wyoming Interactive, this course delivers sustainable ways of working to enable digitalisation and achieve high value commercial outcomes throughout your digital journey.  

We will explore all aspects of the data lifecycle and discover how analysis can deliver significant business benefits. 

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In the course we will cover:

  • Preliminaries – what is digital, data & analytics in a manufacturing setting
  • Governance & Standards – adoption of good data practice & control of data
  • Design Thinking for Data – build the right analyses for the right people
  • Data Engineering – processes to acquire, manage, process, share and archive data
  • Data Modelling – building tools and methods to extract insight from data
  • Enabling Technologies – systems and technologies that support data analysis
  • Reporting & Visualisation – reporting, visualising, and sharing data insights
  • Sustainability – organisational processes to embed good data approaches

• Understand the basic principles of data governance.
• Understand how to process, contextualise and model data.
• Know the modern technologies that enable data extraction and analysis.
• Understand the known analytical methods and how to report data.
• Learn how to develop a data strategy that uses the latest digital technologies to bring business benefits.

The course is aimed at senior management to technician level.

Attendees will be provided with a basic understanding of data and will be equipped with the tools to build a forward-thinking data strategy.

They will also gain awareness of current analytical methods which means that the learner can further the conversation on how to drive a business forward using advances in digital and connected technologies.


This course has been developed by Digital Technologies Group (DTG).

DTG is a company that specialises in digital transformation. They provide technology and solutions that allow customers to welcome the financial, cultural and operational advantages of digitalisation with computerised technologies.

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