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Demystifying Digital

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Course Summary

Demystifying Digital is a comprehensive overview to industry 4.0. This high-level digital manufacturing and supply chain overview is specifically designed to help you and your workforce understand the concepts of industry 4.0 and the elements of a digital strategy.

We explore advanced digital technologies; showing how they impact modern manufacturing and provide insight into the art of the possible through a digital journey.

We use relevant industry examples from today’s business world to build your understanding, combined with regular testing to reinforce your knowledge.

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The demystifying digital course will cover the following:

1. Introduction to industry 4.0
2. Fundamentals of a digital manufacturing strategy
3. Exploring the 9 pillars of technology
4. Understanding the impact of digital on manufacturing and supply chains

• You will understand the meaning and importance of 'industry 4.0'.
• You will be able to identify the tools required to create an effective digital strategy.
• You will understand the benefits of digitalisation for your business.
• You will know how to remain competitive in the modern manufacturing industry.

The course is aimed at senior management to technician level.

Attendees will receive a thorough education on industry 4.0 and how to capitalise on it. They will realise the impact of digital on the manufacturing environment and initiate an informed business response to this revolution.  

Attendees will also obtain the knowledge to build their own digital strategy and how to implement it effectively. As well as gaining a competitive advantage in their industry by embracing digitalisation where others are ignorant. 

This course has been developed by Digital Technologies Group (DTG).

DTG is a company that specialises in digital transformation. It provides technology and solutions that allow customers to welcome the financial, cultural and operational advantages of digitalisation with computerised technologies.

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