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Data Science for Manufacturing

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Course Summary

Data Science for Manufacturing is an intensive training program designed to empower participants with the essential skills and knowledge to leverage data science techniques within manufacturing enterprises. Led by industry expert Professor Andrew Sherlock, this course combines theoretical learning with hands-on practical sessions to equip participants with the tools to extract insights, support decision-making, and create value from data across various stages of the product lifecycle.

The lectures will be held at the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland, offering participants the opportunity to engage in person with other participants from other industries. For those unable to attend in person, there will be an option to participate remotely, ensuring accessibility for all. Sessions will be held every Friday from 9:30am to 12:30pm, starting on the 12 April and spanning 10 weeks.

In an era where data is increasingly recognised as a strategic asset, this course serves as a beacon for manufacturing professionals seeking to leverage data science techniques to unlock insights, support informed decision-making, and drive value creation within their organisations.

The Data Science for Manufacturing course is structured as follows:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Data Science and Python Programming
  • Week 2: Data Carpentry: Cleaning and Organising Data
  • Week 3: Data in Product Lifecycle and Manufacturing Flows
  • Week 4: Data Visualisation and Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Week 5: Manufacturing Software and Relational Databases
  • Week 6: Guest Lecture: Data Ethics
  • Week 7: Machine Learning and AI in Manufacturing
  • Week 8: Asset Management and IoT
  • Week 9: Data Representation and Time Series Analysis
  • Week 10: Guest Lecture: Industry 4.0 and New Business Model

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Utilise data science and analytical techniques to develop data-driven solutions.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in handling ambiguity within manufacturing data.
  • Cultivate analytical thinking skills for problem-solving.
  • Integrate domain expertise with creativity for strategic data usage.
  • Develop capabilities in analysing and visualising data from various manufacturing sources.
  • Gain insights into the potential of enterprise-wide information systems for product development and manufacturing.

This course is tailored for individuals and professionals within manufacturing organisations who seek to enhance their skills in data science and its application in manufacturing contexts.

Engineers, data analysts, manufacturing managers, and other stakeholders involved in product development and decision-making processes will find this course invaluable for augmenting their expertise with cutting-edge data science techniques.

Dr. Andrew Sherlock, Professor of Practice at the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland, brings a wealth of industry experience and academic expertise to this training program. With a background in academia and practical application within the manufacturing sector, Andrew is uniquely positioned to guide participants through the complexities of data science in manufacturing, providing real-world insights and hands-on instruction to facilitate effective learning and skill development.

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