National Manufacturing Institute Scotland

Sustainable Composites


The global demand for fibre reinforced composite materials is increasing, as are the requirements for manufacturers to ensure the recyclability of their products.

35% of carbon fibre and 65% of glass fibre end up in landfills, with only 20% and 13% recycled, respectively. We're changing this.

The testbed

Recycled carbon fibre can help reduce co2 emissions as more and more industries look to reduce weight and improve efficiency. 

We aim to use life cycle analysis and cost modelling related to specific industrial requirements to establish a closed-loop system that will see composites recycled and reused rather than discarded.

As part of the test bed, we're working on project PRoGrESS, to develop wind turbine blade recycling in Britain with industry partners, including Aker Offshore Wind.


Project PRoGrESS is a £2million, three-year scheme, that is part-funded by Innovate UK and leading industry partner Aker Offshore Wind, and seeks to deliver a circular model for wind turbine blades to support the UK’s ambitious climate change targets. Led in Scotland, it will benefit the wider UK economy and create green jobs.

Dr Zhe Liu, Sustainability Lead, Lightweight Manufacturing Centre

Through projects at the Lightweight Manufacturing Centre, we are looking forward to supporting the wind sector's approach to net-zero. Our knowledge and skills bring benefits to the partnership along the whole supply chain, including sustainable design and manufacturing, remanufacturing and end-of-life recycling.