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Large Scale Engineering Industry Workshop

Do you work in an industry which produces, sources, or manages large structures through-life?

Demand for large scale assets is growing in response to the growing need for national security, energy resilience and decarbonisation, however, the UK large structure manufacturing industry is facing challenges in meeting demand.​

​The University of Strathclyde’s Large Scale Technology Interest Group (LaSTiNG) want for each sector to have the capability to meet these challenges head-on and be in the position to seek out economic opportunities as they arise.​

​To achieve this, it is important that there is better integration between academia, industry, and government on this topic. Therefore, LaSTiNG is hosting an all-day industry workshop on the 29 April 2024 at the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland as a first step in working together to address these challenges by:​

  • ​Bringing together specialist expertise and problem owners from across industries that need to produce, source, or manage large structures through-life.​
  • Share experiences, identify common issues, technological opportunities and establish new ways of working across sectors and supply chain.​


Why attend

Join us for an insightful workshop designed to kickstart collaborative efforts in addressing key challenges faced by industries involved in producing, sourcing, or managing large structures throughout their lifecycle. Tailored for specialist experts and problem owners, this workshop offers a unique opportunity for:

  • Engaging with leading industry experts
  • Participating in informative group discussions
  • Take part in interactive Q&A sessions

Don't miss out on the chance to:

  • Enhance awareness surrounding industry challenges
  • Exchange and gather valuable insights
  • Foster partnerships and develop innovative solutions
  • Influence industry practices
  • Anticipate future demands and trends

Register today and be part of this "LaSTiNG" journey toward industry advancement and sustainability.

Working together to make a lasting impact

About LaSTiNG

LaSTiNG is the Large-Scale Technology Interest Group at the University of Strathclyde which consists of multi-disciplinary research departments/ teams and industry-led experts who deliver research across the nuclear, maritime and offshore renewables sectors. ​

​Their specialist areas are broad and diverse in nature ranging from metal forming and forging, systems engineering and design, additive manufacturing, digital twinning, life asset management, ultrasonic inspection, designing and production of offshore structures, to AI and data analytics. ​



Identify common issues that can be addressed across sectors along with issues which only exist or can only be addressed by thinking about sector specific needs.

Establish and maintain a real-time understanding of current challenges and opportunities as they emerge and play a role in the development of industrial funding and policy landscape.

Raise awareness of the importance of large structures in the economy, for national resilience, and decarbonisation.

Share best practice and lessons from across sectors.

Raise the stakes and establish ingredients for LaSTiNG change.

LaSTiNG Partners

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LaSTiNG Team

Feargal Brennan NMIS

Feargal Brennan

James Blyth Distinguished Professor of Offshore Engineering at the University of Strathclyde​

Charles Macleod NMIS

Charles MacLeod

Babcock International Group / Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Sensor-Driven Automated Welding and director of the Sensor Enabled Automation & Robotics Control Hub​

Salah Rahimi NMIS

Salah Rahimi

Technical Lead at the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC)​

Ioannis Viotatos NMIS

Ioannis Viotatos

Senior Materials Knowledge Exchange Fellow at Advanced Forming Research Centre​

Ian Whitfield NMIS

Ian Whitfield

Reader​ Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management​

Bradley Wynne NMIS

Bradley Wynne

Head Of Department, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering​

Michael Ward NMIS

Michael Ward

Director & Chief Technical Officer at the Advanced Nuclear Research Centre