Advanced Manufacturing for Personalised Vascular Grafts

Academic Institution: University of Strathclyde
Academic Supervisor: Dr Christopher McCormick
Industry Partner: Terumo Aortic
PhD Student: Lisa Anne Asciak
Start Date: Dec ‘18


Arterial replacement using synthetic grafts is currently the standard of care for patients with arterial aneurysm. However, the treatments itself, using knitted or woven polyester grafts, can lead to longer term health problems for the patient, including: high blood pressure and heart strain due to the mismatch in compliance between the synthetic graft and the native vessel; problems related to poor bio-integration of the graft prosthesis; and restricted blood supply to organs due to mismatched geometry of the synthetic graft to the patient’s anatomy.

In this project, we bring together academic experts in 3D printing and vascular devices from the University of Strathclyde, with one of the world’s leading and most innovative manufacturers of arterial grafts, Terumo Aortic, to investigate an advanced manufacturing approach to address these critical limitations. The technologies that we develop will help place Scotland at the forefront of innovation within the international vascular graft market, and help accelerate progress towards new and more effective healthcare treatments in the future.