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Meta-skills 101

Course Summary

Meta-skills. What are they? Do you have them? Are you using them to their full potential?

We frequently reflect on hard and soft skills, such as computer literacy and leadership, but have you ever thought about the skills you require to learn new skills? Think self-awareness, resilience and creativity.

This two day, online course will provide you with a full introduction to meta-skills, discussing what they are, how you can develop them, and understand when and where to apply them in your work and home life. 

You will map your meta-skills to create a digital ‘meta CV’, capturing experiences that demonstrate your development and application of key meta-skills, which could come in useful when creating your CV and applying for new roles. 

This course has limited spaces available. Should you be unable to attend, please cancel your booking via Eventbrite to allow us to re-allocate your place.

Failure to cancel and or attend, may result in you being removed from any future courses. 

  • Underpinning knowledge on twelve key meta skills 
  • Learner enquiry of curated content and communication tools
  • Coaching support in the compilation of a Meta CV

By taking part in this course participants will gain experience of:

  1. Developing a new or increased awareness of twelve key meta-skills 
  2. Mapping a digital ‘meta CV’ 
  3. Using increased awareness and knowledge and CV, to support learner candidacy for new jobs along all stages of the recruitment process

The course will be delivered as part of the National Transition Training Fund and, as such, will be aimed at people aged 25 or over, who face or have recently been made redundant.

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Dates & Venues

Date15 - 16 April, 29 - 30 April or 13 - 14 May 2021
LocationOnline learning
Duration10.00 - 16.00

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