Continuous Professional Development

The world of digital manufacturing can be daunting, but it needn’t be.

Digital manufacturing is all about using data to improve output, processes and productivity. Companies and workforces of all sizes from across the manufacturing world are benefiting from the adoption of new approaches to manufacturing. The National Manufacturing Institute Scotland’s CPD programme of courses will give you and your colleagues the skills and knowledge to successfully tackle and navigate the concept of digital manufacturing while also realising tangible benefits.

Our continuous professional development (CPD) programme has been designed in collaboration with Scottish Research Partnership in Engineering and other NMIS partners to meet the needs of people and manufacturing businesses throughout the country regardless of specialism.

We tailor our courses to suit the varying needs of different people within a manufacturing environment and cover the essentials as well as key topics such as cyber security, supply chain development, operational excellence, artificial intelligence, visualisation and strategy development.

New courses coming soon.

To enquire about our CPD programme and discuss how we could help you or your organisation, get in touch