Induced Ductile to Brittle Transition Impact Cut (IDBTIC)

Academic Institution: University of Aberdeen

Academic Supervisor: Dr Alireza Maheri

Industry Partner: Clockwise Technologies Ltd

PhD Student: Mohammad Alam

Start Date: 31st July 2019


The existing cutting techniques, such as laser, waterjet, plasma, saw, shear and explosive, which are widely used for the cutting of structural steels have their own limitations and have different performance measures in terms of the cutting cost, speed, precision, quality and energy consumption.

This project is aimed at the development of a new steel cutting technique for in-air and underwater applications based on the innovative concept of induced ductile to brittle transition impact.

The successful completion of this project will lead to a cutting method that is cheaper, faster, and safer than the existing methods. This can have a significant contribution in reducing the manufacturing cost of steel infrastructures and marine structures as well as reducing the removal and recycling cost of offshore structures.