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FutureForge: Shaping the future of hot forging

Join our webinar to find out about the latest technology developments in hot forging processes and what it can mean for your business.

Find out about the support available to ambitious manufacturing businesses of all sizes at our £20 million new advanced manufacturing facility at the AFRC – FutureForge.  This unique platform allows us to work with you to explore new manufacturing processes and accelerate the development of high integrity forged products.

Our forging team will provide an insight into the exciting new capabilities of FutureForge, exploring potential opportunities and applications of this advanced platform.  Find out how FutureForge can help to develop a deeper understanding of your products and processes, boosting your efficiency and your competitiveness.  You will also gain a sneak peek of our new facility using our FutureForge digital simulator.

The team will also highlight recent successes of forging projects undertaken by our centre in collaboration with industry partners.  This will showcase how we can support companies worldwide, regardless of size, sector or location, unlocking the opportunities of digital manufacturing.


Benefiting from his large experience on material science, heat treatments and microstructural evolution in a wide range of advanced alloys, Marcos joined the FutureForge team two years ago, bringing more than 10 years expertise in materials and manufacturing processes, such as incremental cold forming, hot rolling and casting processes for aerospace and automotive applications.

Working closely with several teams at the AFRC (forging and incremental technologies, digital and metrology, and forming team) and in collaboration with industrial partners, Marcos is coordinating and leading the capability development of a large range of technologies to be integrated into the new FutureForge facility.

Stuart is a member of the materials and residual stress team at the Advanced Forming Research Centre, one of the specialist technology centres of the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland.

Prior to joining the AFRC in 2014, Stuart spent 22 years in the metallurgical manufacturing industry within the global automotive supply chain. During this time he spent over 10 years on the shop floor, working on industrial R&D projects in the continuous casting of aluminium and bronze alloys, continuous sintering, and the cold roll bonding of multilayer aluminium alloys to steel.

For 8 years he managed an industrial performance and failure analysis department, investigating the properties, application and performance of plain bearings for internal combustion engines. This became a highly customer facing technical role, working directly with engineers and scientists from the world's leading automotive manufacturers. For the final 5 years of his time in industry, Stuart held the position of quality and process engineering manager, overseeing four teams of scientists, engineers and technologists, supporting all technical and quality aspects of the manufacturing operation. Within this role he was responsible for all aspects of the process engineering, including the continuous improvement activities across the manufacturing facility, with a particular focus on the metallurgical manufacturing processes.


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Dates & Venues

DateWednesday 18 November 2020
Duration11.30 - 12.30